Tier 3 Events

Tier 3 events take place during lesson time.

They carry the following points allocation:

1st Place – 20 Points
2nd Place – 15 Points
3rd Place – 10 Points
4th Place – 5 Points
5th Place – 2 Points
6th Place – 0 Points

Results from Tier 3 Events will be posted below as/when they take place.

Year 8 Cross Country
1st Place:

2nd Place: Becket
3rd Place: Augustine
4th Place: Columba

5th Place: Fisher
6th Place: Dunstan

Year 10 Cross Country
1st Place:

2nd Place: Becket
3rd Place: Dunstan
4th Place: Columba & More

6th Place: Fisher

Year 11 Cross Country
1st Place:
2nd Place: Dunstan
3rd Place: Fisher
4th Place: Augustine
5th Place: Columba
6th Place: Becket