House Colour: Royal Blue
Feast day: June 22nd

Fisher was born around 1469. He was the son of a merchant and was educated at Cambridge University. He was later appointed a Chancellor – a post he held up to 1535. Fisher was a stout defender of the doctrine of the Catholic Church and in April 1534 he refused to take the oath required by the Succession Act. This required Fisher to take an oath that repudiated the Pope and validated the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Several attempts were made to get Fisher to swear the oath, but he refused. Under the newly passed Treason Act, his refusal was construed as treason and Fisher was put on trial, charged with a crime that carried the death sentence. It was at this time that Pope Paul III made Fisher a Cardinal – a move that infuriated Henry and almost certainly condemned him to death (if he had not been already). John Fisher was put on trial on 17th June 1535, found guilty of treason and executed on 22nd June 1535, at Tower Hill.

Fisher House History:

2017/18 – 5th Place
2016/17 –
5th Place
2015/16 –
3rd Place
2014/15 –
4th Place
2013/14 –
 2nd Place
2012/13 –
3rd Place

Fisher Spring Term Survey:

Head of House: Miss Cook

I, Miss Cook, have spent a term undercover: sussing out the house system, looking at the successes of various successes and failures and with no house allegiance- it was clear that Fisher needed ‘newly acquired’ Challoner blood. It was merely that fact (and slightly that Mr Baxter was swanning off!) that I am starting my journey as Head of House; but, I can’t do this alone-except perhaps the drama event, I’m quite good multi-rolling! I digress…what I mean to say is…

‘The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. ‘

So with that in mind, I want every single one of you to think what you can do for your house this year- whether it’s crawling to victory in the pool; putting yourself under the spotlight for the drama; singing your way into the house music event- every contribution helps, massively!

I feel extremely privileged and excited to be part of Fisher house. It makes it even better that I know that the only way is up really. History suggests Dunstan are unlikely to move off last position (insert maniacal laugh) so the only way is up!

Fisher can:
D – Dedicate yourself to at least one house event- last term doesn’t count.
O – Own your talents- I’m looking forward to seeing what you fantastic bunch can do.

I – Inspire your fellow house members at events- support, train with everything!
T – Think about your own growth and experience at Challoner

You’re so lucky to have all these opportunities, make the most of them!


House Captain: Harry Schwarz

I’m Harry, House Captain for Fisher, the intellectuals. As a student in Fisher house, I meet all of its membership criteria; smart, funny, handsome – you know the drill. I enjoy drama and music (listening to it – Rory was the virtuoso), so my favourite event is tied between house drama and house music, which happen to be two of the many events Fisher excel in, so we’re pretty set for those two. Fingers crossed. I look forward to working with all of you this coming year to secure the only spot Fisher house fits in – 1st place.