House Colour: White
Feast day: May 19th

Born in 910 near Glastonbury, Dunstan was educated at Glastonbury Abbey by Irish monks. He served for a time with his uncle, Aethelhelm, Archbishop of Canterbury; then he was called to the court of King Athelstan. He later became a monk and was then ordained a priest by his uncle. Some years after ordination he lived at Glastonbury as a hermit; during this time he devoted his life to prayer, the study of music, literature and crafts. Following a two year exile in Flanders, Dunstan returned to England and was appointed Bishop of Worcester, then Bishop of London. Dunstan’s most influential period was during the sixteen year reign of King Edgar. During this time he was Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Minister of State. When King Edgar died, Dunstan retired to Canterbury where he devoted the remainder of his life to teaching in the Cathedral School. St. Dunstan died peacefully on May 19th 988 and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.

Dunstan House History:

2017/18 – 6th Place
2016/17 –
4th Place
2015/16 –
6th Place
2014/15 –
6th Place
2013/14 –
6th Place
2012/13 –
6th Place

Head of House: Mr Gooud

Everybody likes and adores the underdog, and I stand before my house being proud of not only who they are but who they can become. 

Let’s take Eddie the eagle. An everyday plasterer from Cheltenham who became Britain’s first ever Olympic ski jumper. Knowing that he most probably will lose, while other countries laughed our nation adored him. Adored him for taking the opportunity to represent his country when no one else would. To work hard and train although knowing he would only be a willing participant, not a winner. 

Next, we have  Susan Boyle, a dowdy 47-year-old who everyone wrote off because of first impressions and initial perceptions. Someone who had no chance of winning a what appeared to be a popularity contest. She stunned the country with an incredible hidden talent. Now a multimillionaire with the fastest selling debut album in British history! 

I could find hundreds of examples of why the underdog is often admired. Nevertheless, the principal comparison I wish to draw on is Hufflepuff House from Harry Potter. Celebrating every small win is a great victory, and that taking part is what brings competitors new skills, with brilliant friendship opportunities that can last far beyond school life at Challoner. 

Hufflepuff also shares my own values; Hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play. To continue in this fashion not only encourages positive team spirit and individual confidence but gives unity with an excellent set of moral values equally shared in our Catholic community. A group of individuals supporting not just Dunstan House, but the events themselves, the house system and therefore the school. 

You will never find a more genuine and more qualified ambassador to the school than a student within Dunstan.  You won’t see a boy who strives for perfection at the cost of his friends or a boy who will seek success purely in the shimmer and lustre of a trophy, but you will find an honest, hardworking young man who wants to be a part of something great no matter the challenge. A young man who is happy to learn and develop this skills, and god given talents even though the odds are often stacked against him. When the irregular metronome of success swings favourably in our direction, the entire house celebrates all the efforts of everyone, no matter the contribution. Brilliant young men, part of unique and genuine House, the superior example of a Challoner Boy. 

I have had the privilege to lead Dunstan for five years, and I learn more from the boys than I ever thought possible in their resilience, brotherhood and fraternity. Yes, we are the underdog, and sure, we will be written off by many. However, we will always have a team no matter the odds; we will take the victories as they come and remain incredibly proud of all we will go on to accomplish.

 Go, Dunstan


House Captain: Laurence Wise

It’s time for change. A change which will shake the foundations upon which this house system is built. A change which is way overdue. Dunstan has far too often been shackled to the depths of the points table, but now… it’s different. the chains are off, and I cannot wait for this school to watch us rise.