House Colour: Red
Feast day: 26th May

Christianity had died out in the parts of Britain which had been conquered by the Saxons. When Pope Gregory saw a group of fair haired Angles from Britain being sold as slaves in Rome, he described them as “angels”. He sent Augustine, a monk, to convert Britain to Christianity. After turning back in fear on his first journey, Augustine eventually landed on the Isle of Thanet in Kent in AD 596. King Ethelbert allowed Augustine and his small group of monks to settle at Canterbury. He was later baptised by Augustine. Augustine then arranged a meeting with the leaders of the British church which had survived in Western Britain and Ireland. However, the Celtic bishops refused to accept Augustine as their Archbishop. The Christian church in Britain was not united until half a century later. Augustine died on the 26th of May AD 604 and was buried in Canterbury.

Augustine House History:

2017/18 – 2nd Place
2016/17 –
1st Place
2015/16 –
1st Place
2014/15 –
1st Place
2013/14 –
3rd Place
2012/13 –
5th Place

Head of House: Miss Argiros

Four years ago I moved over from Dunstan House when I was a form tutor of 8D. Whilst I had a fantastic form group, moving to Augustine was hugely exciting as I knew I would finally experience what it was like to actually win an event! To win ‘an’ event, as in just one, was a complete understatement. Going on to win most events is what Augustine did that year, along with my form 8A often heading up the sports competitions in games lessons and weekend fixtures. The amount of time and effort that Augustine boys put in amazed me, not only the willingness to give up bundles of their own time to help the house and myself, but the way they pulled together even if they didn’t really know each other or much about that particular play or song, their fighting spirit was like no other house I had seen.

Now, going into my fourth year as the extremely proud Head of Augustine House, I believe that the dedication mixed with the abundant talent and focus of the students in Augustine gives them the winning formula. We don’t forget to have fun and enjoy ourselves and always strive to beat our personal best.

Sadly, last year was the first year that Augustine haven’t won the year overall, breaking our fantastic winning streak, with an extremely narrow loss to Becket House! However, I am determined we can regain our title this coming year, with an event in the calendar for every student to get involved in. Whether you enjoy Art, Cookery, Tennis or Drama, be brave, sign up, come along and even try something new!


House Captain: Robert Boi

Hello there, I’m Rob; House Captain for Augustine house. Being a Challoner Boy and more importantly an Augustine Boy for the past 6 years has taught me a lot of skills and talents I never knew I had. I am a strong believer in stepping outside the comfort zone as many of you know and some of you will soon find out. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to take part in as much as possible this year and take every opportunity that is thrown your way. I thoroughly look forward to leading Augustine to our 4th victory since 2015. If you see me around feel free to ask any questions and don’t hesitate to stand on your table and say “Oh Captain, my Captain!”

I look forward to the year ahead.