Richard Challoner House Competition

2017/2018 Champions – Becket House

Columba win House Art

2nd: More, 3rd: Dunstan, 4th: Becket, 5th: Augustine, 6th: Fisher

Super Six Events - Dates:


Public Speaking – 15th November 2018

Swimming – 11th February 2019

Music – 20th March 2019

Drama – 12th June 2019

Sports Day – 9th July


A foreword from Mr McKenna

The House System in Richard Challoner school has been going from strength to strength – especially over the last decade or so.
The House System, for me, is not just about the competition between Houses (although this is very important!), but is more about the collaboration within Houses. Within year groups, students get a real chance to bond, work together for the collective good, and build positive relationships with their ‘House’ mates. In the events where we have a cross-pollination of Year Groups, I believe the benefits to the students are immeasurable. These events are some of the few times in a student’s school life where they will work closely with other Challoner boys, and girls, from very different age and friendship groups. Throughout my years here, I have loved witnessing students from every Key Stage working together at Super Six House Events in a collaborative and purposeful way – often establishing friendships, based on mutual respect, that will last for years.
I hope that the House System will continue to give every student in our school community a chance to: express themselves, build friendships, learn new skills, and celebrate their God-given talents.

Latest Scores:








Champions: Becket House
2nd: Augustine, 3rd: More, 4th: Columba, 5th: Fisher, 6th: Dunstan

Champions: Augustine House
2nd: Becket, 3rd: More, 4th: Dunstan, 5th: Fisher, 6th: Columba

Champions: Augustine House
2nd: Columba, 3rd: Fisher, 4th: More, 5th: Becket, 6th: Dunstan

Champions: Augustine House
2nd: Columba, 3rd: Becket, 4th: Fisher, 5th: More, 6th: Dunstan

Champions: Columba House
2nd: Fisher, 3rd: Augustine, 4th: Becket, 5th: More, 6th: Dunstan

Champions: More House
2nd: Becket, 3rd: Fisher, 4th: Columba, 5th: Augustine, 6th: Dunstan 

Champions: Fisher House 

Champions: Becket House 

Champions: Fisher House

Champions: More House

The George B. Howard Memorial Shield is awarded to the House Champions at the end of the academic year.